User profile pic not displaying in the recent chat list screen

@amitysupport In my recent chat list screen ,the user profile pic is not displaying .After analyse the code in recent chat list screen we are using "AmityChannel "model to display the list of recent chats but in AmityChannel the avatar is always null even-though the user having profile pic its getting null . Avatar attribute is not updating in AmityChannel.Could you please confirm the same.

Hi @IMKalpataru for user profile, please get the avatar from user’s avatar instead of channel’s avatar. Please see code example in this user section User - Amity Docs

Hi @amitysupport ,here is the code for getting user right
fun getUser(userRepository: AmityUserRepository) {
userRepository.getUser(userId = “brian3291”)
.doOnNext { user: AmityUser →
val displayname = user.getDisplayName()

Yes, that’s correct.

Hi @amitysupport in the above code, we need to pass userId to get userdetails but in AmityChannel we doesn’t have userId attribute . Instead of userId AmityChannel having displayname . Can we proceed with searchUserByDisplayName(“displayname”) function

Hello, to get users in a channel, please use follow this sample:

channel.membership().getMembers().build().query().subscribe {}