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I want to link my posts to my blog but I dont know where to put the ID of my articles. How can I use the post to link with my articles ?

Thank you

@iam.ingwon Thanks for asking, may I know more details of your use case? More specifically, what do you mean by “link my posts to my blog”.

Yes. I have seen from How to get total comments related to a reference ID? - #3 by sijanshs that I can use comments from Amity on my blog. If i do this, it will create a “post content” attached to my comments. How can I add this post into a community feed ?

@iam.ingwon Thanks for the inputs!

Yes, you can use “content” post to introduce Comment function into your own blog, and Amity will host a post container with reference id == your article id.

But unfortunately the content post is not natively connected with Community feed, and you would need to use separate UI elements to display them on the same screen based on your use case.

May i ask why it is not possible to put a post content in a community feed ? It looks like very useful to have comments in a blog in one side, and the post with the comments in a community feed on the other side.


So there are 2 types here in the context: Community Post & Content Post

  • Community Post belongs to a community, whereas Content post is an orphaned post
  • Community post has a tangible content in Amity, whereas Content post is only a shell
  • Community post needs to respect moderation actions triggered by the moderators of this community, whereas content post doesn’t have a moderator

Therefore currently these two are not natively connected. But you can use the SDK to customize separately to meet your scenario. Hope this explains.

my usecase is simple. i want to have the comments in my blog and also and have the same comments under a post in the feed for my community.

how to do that?

@iam.ingwon As explained above, if you need to show the blog as a post in the community feed, then you would need to

  1. Get the list of “content” posts + comments
  2. Get the list of community posts + comments
  3. Combine these 2 lists to display on the UI